What is Google Earth and How to use it?

Basically, we all are use Google Map when we are going to an unknown location. by the way Google Map is one of the fastest and best way to reach your point. Google Map is giving us all the information based on location like, longitude, latitude, real-time direction and many regarding directions and road map.

But here our Google Earth journey will be fabulous, As today in this post I will discuss some crazy things of google earth. google earth is the one of the best product of Google. but none of us are using it in our real life and this is because of lack of knowledge. so don’t worry here I will show you How to open Google Earth and Why we use it.

How to open Google Earth?

well, to open google earth you have to visit www.google.com and you can write “Google Earth” in google search bar OR you can go through by selecting it as per below screenshot.

how to open google earth

thus, google earth will be loaded and the first look will be look like below.

Now you have whole earth and you can reach any where in this world. not really but you can see 2D and 3D view of any state, city and area. it shows us same area view which is in real. and google always helps you before your think, like I am from India so I will maximize this earth by scrolling my mouse up and will point out at india like below.

So, if you have searched for any area then google will also suggest you other area name so it will better in helping you to search any location. You can also zoom it to your home city also and you can see your own location and visual look of your area.

To reach at your own location you have to click on “Fly to your location” option given below at the right side of the screen. after clicked on it google will ask you to allow your location, please press “allow” to help google to search your location. so this way google will point you to your own location now you can see your area by zooming it until it’s zoom limit. You can check it in 3D view. this will blow your mind.

Now one of the best and my favorite reason to use google earth is “Measure Distance and Area“. Google earth provides you best way to measure any area by selecting From to To location. Like I want to know the distance between India to Iran then it’s very easy to know distance by google earth.

To measure a distance you have to click on option shown in above image.

The main benefit is to use this option is, We can measure any area in multiple distance type option like below.

You can measure any distance in centimeters, meters, kilometers, Nautical miles, inches, feet, yards, miles and smoots.

Ex. If, I want to measure the distance between India to Iran then Just clicked on India and drag the arrow to Iran. Now It will automatically measure the distance like below screen.

Hope this tutorial will help you to discover yourself in Google Earth.

Thank you for reading.

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