What is a plugin in WordPress and How to install it on your website?

What is plugins in wordpress
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I probably know that this article will be read by all the person who are running their wordpress website. but still dependent on developers or other person to implement new facility to wordpress website.

See guys, I do not say that you don’t have to ask for any updates to your website developer but you should know and you should try this in-built facility provided by wordpress. this can helps you to implement new facility to your wordpress website.

If you are a thinking little in a technical way then you will understand what is a plugin and how you can use it.

Ok, Let me give you a brief introduction about WordPress plugin.

WordPress plugin is one type of third party application which provides you some facility based on it’s criteria. you can say that without plugins wordpress is meaning less. There are lot’s of plugins available in the market, some of them are pro version and some of them are free. You can use it based on your requirements.

How plugin will helps to your wordpress website.

Basically website have some common things which you can see on every website like Contact Form, Email Subscription, Social Sharing, Gallery, Slider and etc. So this types of facility is provided by plugins. I hope you understood what is the plugin.

Now let me explain you how to install it, where you can see the option for install and search.

First, you have your dashboard after admin login, You can see the plugins menu in your menu bar or navigation bar, you just have to click on it to see your installed plugins. Here you can see all the installed plugin.

Note: Please do not update or delete any plugin if you are not familiar with it.

You can see below screen after clicked on plugins option.

what is plugin in wordpress

Now click on button as per given screen to add new Plugin.

Here we will see an example of adding social sharing plugin to our website you can follow same steps to add any plugin or this plugin.

As I want to add social sharing functionality to my website so the readers of my blog can share my article to facebook, twitter and other given social media platform. So here I will search for “Social sharing” keyword to search for social sharing plugin and after search you will have many option with “Install Now” Button, You can choose any of them, You can also check the download, and rating of the plugin.

how to install new plugin

Before installing, you should click on “More Details” to check the features provided by plugins and visual screenshot which will show you how this plugin will display on your website. I will click on “More Details” on the first plugin and you can check the like below screen.

what is plugin in wordpress and how to install it

So here there are many options for all the details, you can check everything step by step and get more details about the plugin. You can check any plugin like this before installed it and If you found any relative plugin for your requirements, then you can directly install it and use it as per details.

So guys this is the small details about plugin and it’s functionality. I hope you guys get some better information through this article.

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Thank You.

If this article Helps you, Don't forget to share.

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