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Today I will show you one of the best wordpress plugin to show you how to add fonts to wordpress.

Nowadays every new and existing blogger recommended to user wordpress for a blog.

it is because wordpress is easy to use and it’s make your SEO easily. but if we see then wordpress doesn’t provide us to use other font on our website so If you are blogger and you don’t have enough knowledge or skill about how to add fonts to wordpress,

than I make sure that you will search for custom plugin to add font on your wordpress website.

google font on wordpress

Why we need Google Font on our website?

Many of you have a question about why you need to add fonts to wordpress, So I would like to inform you that visitors of your blog are come to read your content but some of them also try to look on your Way of presentation and content design.

Let’s see my current font design:

How to add fonts to wordpress

defaut wodpress font

By default wordpress content load on default font given in style.css file but some time it’s look normal website and normal content for some users.

That’s why google is providing free services to use any of google font on your website and make your content more attractive.

If your font will be clear to read and attractive, the reader will stay to read other wise you can loss your visitor.

Some of our visitor also come back because of our blog presentation, They know that this blog is very clean to read and they have a great presentation and they also prefer other to visit your blog.

Let me give you an example.

You have realize that when we were in school, There are always two type of student one who have bad hand writing and one who have a good hand writing.

We all know that at the time of result of examination the good handwriting student get some extra marks for best presentation of answer sheet.

It means everybody like a google presentation of anything whether it is blog or website.

free wordpress plugin to add google font

Hence, Google is helping you to make your content more beautiful and clean. now, I hope that you will realize that how google font is important for your wordpress website.

So If you a technical person or non-technical person, This plugin will helps you to use google font on wordpress website and makes your content more attractive to read.

I hope it will increase your re-visitor.

Before starting I would like to inform you that follow complete steps for complete setup explanation of how to add fonts to wordpress after activation. So I hope you are on your admin dashboard and wait for steps.

Step1: Click on Plugins Menu and Search for “google fonts typography”.

When you entered this keyword, wordpress will automatically loads all the available plugins which provides google font facility but we are going to see best plugin for this services so select below option from given result.

google font typography

You can see currently 70000 plus website users are using this plugin for their website and more than 300 user have given five star rating, so basically this is the good impression for best plugin to use. I will give you one advise that always check ranking and star on plugin then and then install that plugin, specially on live website.

I will give you one advise that always check ranking and star on plugin then and then install that plugin, specially on live website.

If you had finished installation then you have an option to Active that plugin to use it’s functionality to see how to add fonts to wordpress.

Step 2: Click on Active Button

wordpress plugin for google typography

So Now you have successfully installed and activated this plugin and I hope all will be run smoothly. Now Go to Plugin list.

Step 3: Click on “Settings”

After clicked on Settings You will be redirected on default customization page to customize your website font using Google font. typography.

Now We are on Customization page and Here I will show you step by step process about how to add fonts to wordpress so keep reading..

First let me list down my favorite fonts for my website:

Content : Amiko

Heading Tag: Allerta Stencil

Sidebar: Amiko

Footer Copy Right: Assistant

First if you are on Customization page then Click on “Google Font” hence click on Advance Settings and Select Navigation

1. Settings For Navigation

how to install fonts on wordpress

Here you just have to choose your favorite google font and google will automatically show you the preview of font beside.

if you like any google font you can just click on published to save the changes.

2. Settings for Heading

how to add font awesome to wordpress

You have to go back after navigation setting and Click on Content to open this page. Here you can choose google font as per your requirement and enjoy you can makes your heading very attractive.

As per described I have selected Allerta Stencil google font for my blog title and you can see it’s look more attractive for any readers.

3. Settings for Sidebar

Sidebar if most important for bloggers though You understand what i am going to say.

So probably we are always list out our blogs list on sidebar and absolutely if sidebar looks great then why someone will not click on it.

how to upload fonts to wordpress

You can go back and select sidebar for this screen and Here you can simply choose you favorite google font and save the change.

Now will see footer google font settings and make it beautiful therefore footer will looks great.

after this I will show you how my blog looks like after use of this google font.

4. Settings for Footer

Footer is the very important part for giving links and quick information about blog and websites.

how to add custom font in wordpress

Here you can choose google font as per your chose and make your footer more attractive for your users.

So I hope you guys like this topic for wordpress and if yes then don’t forget to share your feedback below.

Now Let’s see How my old view looks after successfully setup Google Font Typography.

how to add google fonts to wordpress

You can see it’s looks great then before. because I like this plugin and I would like to know about your feedback.

Thank you for reading.

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