Six steps for – How to become a wordpress developer?

Hello Friends, Now a days it’s very complicate to choose single platform to make a career as a website developer, many beginners are facing interview in a market for having first job as a website developer. but the problem is that they do not aware about real way of development or they do not aware about technology of company and that’s why they got rejected and then they feel that they can not get a job like this or they thinks that they have not a good logical power or they have not a mathematics calculation or they have not enough knowledge about programming language.

But guys if you are thinking like this, then you are going in a wrong way. because no one has borne with knowledge. Let me give you one example of having no knowledge everyone has.

If you are a programmer then I am sure that you will 100% facing any issue regarding your code and then you were going to search that error in google. and then after you found that Google gave same error solution for which you are searching. So what it means. There are many people who have faced this issue and they have given them a solution and that someone has also faced that issue before.

So I hope you understand, but in today’s article I will show you one of the best way to enter in market as a website developer. So Today in this article we will talk about.

Six steps for – How to become a wordpress developer ?

Six steps for - How to become a wordpress developer ?

So If you are a beginners then you must know about What is WordPress? before talk about wordpress let me give you prerequisites knowledge. For better wordpress understanding you must have knowledge about PHP as wordpress is fully developed in PHP. So if you don’t know that, I will request you to learn about PHP and how it’s works.

Any way, Let’s talk about wordpress. WordPress is a PHP based CMS (Content Management System). CMS means it’s provides you complete admin dashboard to manage front-end side view and task. By using wordpress you can create elegant and beautiful website in a few minutes. and the surprise is for you that it is totally free for you.

So nowadays 60 to 70 percent market are working on WordPress development. So Let’s talk about How to become a WordPress developer and what is the functionality on which you can get a job.

First of all, You have to learn how to download and install WordPress.

Learn how WordPress works.

Learn what is the theme in WordPress and how to customize it.

How to create a new theme in wordpress.

How to convert HTML template to wordpress theme.

Learn what is a plugin in wordpress and how to create and manage it.

So guys here we talked about how to become WordPress developer and what are the task you should learn to become a WordPress developer.

Thank You.

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