No.1 plugin will help you to auto optimize images to speed up your wp website.

No.1 plugin will help you to optimize images to speed up your wp website-thumbnail.

If you are here to read this then I am sure that you are running you wordpress website but worry about the website load time. and this is the common issue for everyone who use wordpress website, because wordpress does not provide auto optimize facility.

But today in this article I will give you detailed information about my favorite WordPress plugin which I am using for last 1 year and it gives me an awesome result. So I thought let me share my experience with you to optimize images to speed up your WordPress website.

The plugin name is :

So why I do not recommend any other plugin, Actually guys I have tested many plugins but no one gives me a better result but at last, I have used this plugin and what I see, It’s solved my all image related issue. So let’ see how to use it. and the great thing is that this is completely free for us.

First of all, You have to install it on your wordpress website OR if you downloaded it then you can directly upload it and activate it.

after activated the plugin you will see below UI.

No.1 plugin will help you to optimize images to speed up your wp website.

As you can see that this plugin is giving you very easy to understand UI, As you see that after installing it, it will scan your website and automatically count all non-optimized images on your website. So you just have to click on optimize all images to optimize it. and you can also check the statistics of Total reduction, total optimized images etc.

the best thing is that there is one setting available which gives you the option for default quality value and auto optimize images on upload. You can set it as per your requirements. You can see below screenshot for better understanding.

how to speed up wordpress website

If you are developer and want to generated log file for images you can easily check on enable logs.

so friends, this is one of the best image optimize wordpress plugin as per my opinion. You can share your experience with any other tool. I really like to read about you.

Thank you for reading.

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