My five steps to becoming a perfect PHP Developer.

My five steps to becoming a perfect PHP Developer-latestinone
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PHP which is the most common and huge programming language in the world of web development. If someone tells you that PHP will have an end one day. then let me tell you guys nowadays PHP covers 50 to 60 percent market in the world. so we never think that how 50 to 60 percent market goes down suddenly. right! Today I will show you five steps to becoming a perfect php developer.

If I said in other words then You can see nowadays most of the website and blogs are create WordPress, As wordpress is the most used CMS in the world which is specially developed in PHP. except WordPress, There are also some CMS are exist like Joomla, Opencart, Magento and etc..

This article is especially for the student who has completed their graduate and postgraduate.

Why I am writing this article for you guys?

see guys, I have seen many cases in which the students who have completed their degrees and any computer courses, but still they have confusion to start their career in web development. so this five steps to becoming a perfect php developer is dedicated to them first.

Actually to learn any programing language, You should have a consistency in your learning capacity. No one can learn in an hour and a days. I said You can learn programming language but you should maintain the consistency in your learning process to becoming a perfect php developer.

And I also want to expose one thing about all the developers that no one developer knows everything about the language. but he/she has make themselves perfect by practicing the language day by day. So you can do it also. right!

Anyway, this is for you to increase your confidence to learn a programming language. truly say, guys, If you are new to any programming language and you really want to learn it from bottom of your heart then no one can stop you to learn it. but you have a question about how to learn any new language step by step. don’t worry I will show you my 5 steps to learn any language.

By the way Today I will talk about to learn PHP language step by step, If you are an advance developer then may be you are aware of this techniques but in spite of that you should read this for knowledge. and you can share your techniques and your experience about How you learned your favorite programming language in the comment box because I like to join with you guys.

Here I am sharing my five steps to becoming a perfect php developer.. Let go for it.

Five steps to becoming a perfect php developer.

So guys here I am sharing my story with you, how I learned my favorite PHP language step by step. and guys I am sure that If you are follow any of this step, You will get 100% result.

The Steps are below:

1.Learn HTML and CSS and Bootstrap.

I know what you are thinking, but guys for learn PHP You have massive knowledge of HTML and CSS. because PHP is embedded with HTML. by using only php you can not create a website with massive design and layout. so for follow the layout and website design you should learn HTML and CSS first.

I know there are many blogger or person who are trying to learn PHP directly without HTML and CSS but guys I don’t want that you got confusion between your learning process.

Why should you learn HTML and CSS?

If you are reading this blog then I am sure that You have also seen the header with logo, advertisement, navigation, sidebar, and footer. So, guys, these are created by HTML and formatted by CSS. so with the combination of HTML and CSS, You can design your website. So the first step is to learn HTML and CSS. Right! so let’s go to the Next Step.

2.Learn Basic fundamentals of PHP

The second step is to learn the basic fundamentals of PHP, for that, You can refer the official PHP website in which they have to explain everything about PHP.

What should you learn for basic PHP?

You should learn below topic to start development in PHP.
  1. What is PHP
  2. How it works.
  3. How to Embed PHP to HTML.
  4. What is Session in PHP?
  5. What is Cookie in PHP?
  6. What is datatype in PHP?
  7. How many loops are available in PHP and when we can use it.
  8. How many operators are in PHP and How and when it is used in Project.
  9. What is an array in PHP?
  10. What is the string in PHP?
  11. and Last what is function in PHP?

This all above are basic to start PHP journey. If you learned this all then you can say that you are a PHP developer. Congrats…

Let go the 3rd step to learn more in PHP.

3. Learn MYSQL Database Queries.

If you have completed your degree then there must be a subject of SQL and PL/SQL. at learning time you thought why should we learn this this is very complicated. but guys If you want to become a perfect PHP developer then you must have a massive power of MySQL queries.

So, Why am I recommended to learn MySQL in the journey of PHP. Guys PHP is related to HTML, CSS for integrating the logic with design but there will many task in your project in which You have to makes data dynamic like There are plenty website in which you can see login page, registration page. every you can see that facebook have first facility of login and registration. without facebook login you can not manage your post and check your latest likes on your post. so think about it how facebook manage these things.

The reason behind this is to work with database, Mysql is a famous database for PHP developer. There are many database in market but without SQL Queries knowledge you can play with your database. If you can not play with database you can’t be a complete developer.

thus, I will suggest you to learn SQL Queries for managing your database table to handle your website.

4. Create one simple project yourself.

You can say this is my technique or the 4th step to grow in PHP language. So finally you have learned all the basic PHP and SQL queries but without self challenge you can not say that you can develope any website. There are many type of website available on the internet you can refer it.

Do one thing, first of all make a simple website in which anyone can register themselves on your website, then provide them some basic facility on your website like.

  • The user can do registration.
  • The user can log in after completed registration.
  • The user can manage his/her profile.
  • He/she is also able to edit the profile.
  • OR you can provide them any other facility based on your project.

very important thing is that make your website fully responsive. this is 2019 dear and there is no value for simple design and simple task. You try to make unique concept. I hope you understood.

5. The last but not least Step is to Learn any one CMS OR Framework.

PHP has a huge community but few of them provide you best way to get excellence power on PHP. I am talking about CMS which is stands for Content Management System and Framework which provides you inbuilt function to make your development easy.

I would recommended You to Learn WordPress CMS because wordpress has huge functionality. You can refer official wordpress website for learn everything about wordpress. I will let you know by link here when I will create introduction Article about WordPress. I will also describe How you can start career as a wordpress developer. So bookmark this page for that updates.

CMS Is based on content management system but I would recommended you to learn any one PHP Framework. Many experienced person developed a framework for you guys in which you can have inbuilt function for your task so You should have a knowledge of any one framework to make your career very bright.


If you are following these steps genuinely, You will never disappointed to your career as a PHP Developer. and I will advise you to stay updated with all the new things in PHP, CMS and Frameworks.

I hope you guys like this article which is about my experience, I also want to hear about your experience. so do comment and share this article to needy person.

Thank you for reading.

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If this article Helps you, Don't forget to share.

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