List of WordPress Database Table and It’s Important.

Hi, basically you all readers are very familiar with WordPress and it’s features. We all know that wordpress provides themes, plugins through which we can easily developed the basic and dynamic website. but some of us who using the wordpress. they don’t understand the importance of the database. even some of us don’t know what is database and how to manage it.

So due to lack of this knowledge, they have to be dependent on developers. so this is my thinking that to manage a WordPress website is not easy for an untechnical person. some of YouTubers and bloggers are recommended WordPress to the untechnical person to manage it. but as per my experience if you have only knowledge about admin manage in WordPress then I would say you have to improve your knowledge first.

Now You may have a doubt that I am asking for acquiring a database knowledge to untechnical person, so you may wrong. Because this post is specially for that person who download the wordpress, installed it, and finally manage it.

While managing the WordPress website they think that we have to install the plugin and getting the benefits by activating it. but guys if you are doing so, You will lose your data one day. and you will say your website is hacked or Crashed. Right!

So here You don’t have to worry about anything, As I will explain to you what is the database and List of WordPress Database Table and It’s Important. So you can backup these table for any type of future wordpress database issue.

List of Important WordPress Table

WordPress is known for generating dynamic table so If you have installed many plugins and working with a high-quality theme then you will see that there are lot’s of tables in the database and they are constantly changing based on your work process. But some of the tables are very important which you should take care of it.

First of all note that wordpress use prefix before any table and your prefix may be unique, thus, here I will take inbuilt wordpress prefix so you can understand easily.

(1) wp_users

I am listing this table first because without this table WordPress is nothing. basically, this table contains all the information about the user like, username, password, email etc. this table provides the facility of login and registration on your WordPress website. Now you may realize how this table is important for you if you are working on a multiuser WordPress website.

(2) wp_usermeta

wp_usermeta is completely dependent on wp_user, as this table contains the abilities of the user who are in wp_users. So if this table is corrupted you will not able to login to you system and you may face the wordpress issue like

– Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page
– Session is expired
– You are not authorized to access this page

So for preventing your self through this error, you should take off this table also.

(3) wp_options

This is third and very important wordpress database table which contains all the information about your website. It’s contains information like Website URL, Slogan, Title, Mail Server Settings, Admin Email, Date format.

In short whatever you are changing in your setting option, that all information is storing in this table. So now you can change that in database also. Hurrah….

You may face same wordpress error if you lose the data of this table.

(4) wp_posts

This table is also an inbuilt table which includes all the post which you have created on your WordPress website.

(5) wp_postmeta

wp_postmeta is dependent table of the wp_posts. wp_post contains the information about post and it’s content but wp_postmeta is contains the url of the feature images and more.


This post is specially written for the developers who use wordpress for their clients. so I hope this will helps you to improve your self in wordpress.

Thank you for Reading.

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