how to update wordpress version automatically

If you are a WordPress lover then I am sure you love this topic. WordPress published it’s new version 5.2 but what about the automatic updates. If you don’t have an idea about how to update WordPress version 5.2 Automatically

how to update wordpress version automatically

Well, WordPress always prompt the new version notification on the dashboard. but some of you are got fail to get the complete update but what you should know before update the current version to WordPress 5.2.

Here I am going to let you know one of the very essential steps before any update especially version update. that is,


Well, I will discuss more How to get complete WordPress backup on another post but first, you have to know that you must have a complete backup of the old version OR current version.

If you took the complete backup then take a rest!

Now, you are absolutely safe side

Now, what is next… So Let’s see.

How to update WordPress version 5.2 Automatically?

So this is a very simple task if you are already familiar with WordPress. For updating the current version just go to your dashboard, and If you still remain to update your version then you will have this notification prompted on your dashboard.

how to update wordpress version

You just click on the “Please update now” option.

This will take you on another page where you will see below screen.

Now, what should you know before clicking on the update button? You can see here two options are available “update plugin” AND “update now”.

Now first you have to update the plugins and then and then you have to click on “Update Now”.

After clicking on Update Now, It will take some time to update the new version and finally, you can see your version has been updated.

Please let me know if you have any issue regarding the update.

Thank you for reading.

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