Since facebook has launched the auto-playing video facility in it, we are daily watching lot’s of videos when we are scrolling our facebook app. but we don’t have an idea about how to turn off auto play video on facebook ?

but sometimes it’s getting too irritating when we are suddenly facebook play the video in any silent area, at that time many people felt disturbed only because of us as they don’t know what you are don’t know how to fix this issue.

So today I will show you easy steps to Turn Off Auto-Play video on facebook.

By default, facebook settled it Turn on for marketing purpose but We can control it and turn off auto Play video on facebook.

Here we will see,

How to turn off Auto-Play Videos on Facebook

Step-1: Login to Your Facebook account.

Step-2: Go to Settings

Step-3: Choose a video in the left navigation bar.

How to stop Auto Play Video on Facebook

Now you can see three option in between you have to check Auto-Play Video, by default, it will On, You have to select Off and that’s it, now you can go the home and check all videos will be auto turn off You can click on it to play it.

How to stop Auto Play Video on Facebook easy steps

Just follow the steps and I definitely know that you will find your solution.

Thank you for reading.


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