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If you want to send a large file from your gmail account, You have to attach it to your google drive and it is compulsory for you. but sometime it becomes very irritating to attached file to google drive and then share it to the person email id.

Some of us still don’t know how to transfer more than 25MB file from Google and they never try to send the file from their Gmail id. OR they are waiting for someone who can help to transfer that file by Gmail.

but today I will show you the way in which you can send any file up to 2GB for free. and the best thing is that you don’t have to login in your gmail account or your yahoo or any.

So, What to do for transfer large file without login to your Email ID.

First you have to visit this website: WeTransfer

We transfer is the easiest way to transfer a file up to 2 GB for free without login to email account. and it’s very easy to send let’s see how it works.

when you visit the website home page you will see below screen.

Just click on “I Agree”. after clicked You will next to main page as below.

Now you can see, there is plus icon in a blue button which ask you to Add Your Attachment/File. You can click and attached your attachment.

Next In “Email To” field you have to enter recipient email address and in “Your Email” You have to enter your gmail id or yahoo id. and last in “Message” you can add any message for recipient.

and finally you can click on “transfer” to send this mail.

and this way you can transfer a large file without login to your email id.

I hope you guys like this tips. If yes please share this article to your contacts.

Thank you for reading.



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