How to solve “Updating failed” issue in wordpress 5.0

How to solve Updating failed issue in wordpress 5.0
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Hi, currently while posting my new article I had an issue related “Updating failed” in my wodpress blog.

I had researched about it but all have the same issue, then tried to disabled all the activated plugin and check, but there is no any impact and i also tried to change my permalink but as we all know that permalink change can be affect on our SEO. so I thought let me check what is the issue and then I found this issue in my inspect element.


how to solve update failed issue in wordpress02

Let me tell you, was writing a post on other topic but after viewing that all are facing this issue and i thought let me create a post on How to solve “Updating failed” issue in wordpress 5.0.

so, After viewing this issue i understood this error has been occurred by cookie. and I just move my post to my incognito window and the issue is solved.

Now I am just publishing this post. you can check and you can try.

What should you do to solve this issue:

Clear all cookie from your browser.

and please let me know in comment below if this trick is helps you to solve you issue.

Thank you for reading.

If this article Helps you, Don't forget to share.


  1. To fix the problem for me I updated one of my plugins,

    The issue was with a shortcode that was in the page i was saving.
    the plugin was outputting a html comment when the shortcode was being used. This caused the post.php script to fail with this response in the console.

    “Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.”

    In this case the error wasn’t solved with clearing the cookies.

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