How to get organic traffic through this plugin on your wordpress website?

How to get organic traffic on your wordpress websit-latestinone
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People are always choose the best platform for their dream website, and basically nowadays maximum people and companies recommended wordpress platform for the website. we just can’t forget that wordpress consumed 70% of market in website development.

People always choose the best platform for their dream website. and basically, nowadays maximum people and companies recommended WordPress platform for the website. we just can’t forget that WordPress consumed 70% of the market in website development.

Let’s talk some few moments about website development in WordPress. basically, WordPress is a platform in which a user does not need to have any technical knowledge at all. He/She should have medium knowledge of handling computer task. that’s enough!

But some of us are thinking that we need technical knowledge and we can not handle the website and then they spent some money to recruit a job person to handle their website. I do not say that to recruit the person is the wrong but believe me You can handle your website without any technical knowledge. And I will write one blog about How to handle wordpress website without technical knowledge.

So at here, you were thinking that why I am talking about these things, So I want to say that If you are running your WordPress website whether your website is a business website, e-commerce website, MLM website or about something else. and If you are recruiting any person to handle the website then you are going to wrong way. So why I am talking this again.

Nowadays, It is not enough to purchase a domain and hosting and finally developed the website for the business. because the website will not automatically reach to the people and say that I am available for you to yours. and i am sure that you will agree with me. So You think that, then what is the remaining task to reach our website to the people.

Then, I will said Traffic. without traffic on your website you can not earn a single panny. and there are many ways to get a traffic on your website but I will not talk about all the criteria of getting traffic on your website. but as per my title here I will talk about the in-built feature of wordpress website by which you can 100% get organic traffic on your website if you are consitently and seriously work on it.

So let’s talk about:

How to get organic traffic through Yoast SEO plugin on your wordpress website?

Yes, brothers and sisters, You can easily SEO your website through this best plugin. Some of you are not aware of SEO so let me give you a brief description. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It helps you to get original traffic on your website and helps people to reach their goal search. In a simple word if you are doing SEO of your pages with green signal then It would be very easy for you to get real traffic on your website, by real traffic you will get your product to be sold online and many people can get knowledge about your’s firm.

How to get traffic on your wordpress website-latestinone

First let me tell you this is completely Free version, but also it have premium plugin in which you have to spent some panny from your pocket but not to worry about it. because the free plugin gives your enough functionality to rank your website on search engine (Like “Google”, “Bing”, etc.)

You can download Yoast SEO through this link: Download Yoast SEO Plugin
OR You can Go to your wordpress Dashboard -> Plugin -> Add New -> Search for “Yoast SEO”. You can install it and activate it.

Now you are ready with you Yoast SEO Plugin and you want to learn How this plugin will help you to increase your visitors.

Here, I will explain you complete process to rank your keyword within a month on Search Engine step by step.

First let me tell you how you particular page or product or article you can rank through this plugin. If you are running a ecommerce website then you can see that on the product page at bottom side the yoast seo plugin will ask you to enter the product title, product description and at last the keyword of the product.

Same as if you are running a blog or running a business website then you will see the SEO option to the bottom of the page or post. now if you remember that whenever you are searching on google then google will respond you with 3 details.

1.The title which will be in blue color.

2.The domain address of the title

3.The small description about the title.

So let say if you are searching for “latestinone” keyword then Google will respond you in this way.

So here you can check that you have search for latestinone keyword so the google gives you the details related this keyword. in this result the top link is the title of the website with slogan and then second is the domain url and last one is the description. so now i hope you will completely understand how search work with SEO.

Now if you understand the way of SEO then it will be very easy to work with Yoast SEO for you. but but but.. What you should keep in mind before creating your content. let’s talk about it.

In the search engine algorithm, I would say content is the god for you. the real content will help you and your customs for better relationship. you were think that how this things are making relationship, Easy. If you will create your unique content then customer will read it and then will do any action on it. and now a days customers becomes very clever. they can easily understand that the content is pure. and google will also not allow the copy content to be rank. So content must be unique.

Don’t worry As every person have different different thinking then why you can not create your content yourself. take your time and create the unique content.

Here I will give you the real example of my SEO technique on this article I will show you how I am making my title and description with Yoast SEO.

So the title of my article is:

How to get organic traffic through this plugin on your wordpress website?

and I will enter some related description, so let see how I did SEO on this article and what signal I have got.

See the screenshot below:

1: The First screenshot is about Title and Description of this article.

2: Second screenshot for keyword [ This is very important for rank ]

So guys you can see that how I have achived the green single for my SEO.

This way you can also rank your page, product and article on google, Believe me If you doing great work with this plugin Your all excellent work will be rank very soon without any help of other person.

I hope you understand How to get organic traffic through this awesome wordpress plugin.

Thank You readers !

If this article Helps you, Don't forget to share.

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