whatsapp chat wordpress plugin

Hello All, I know that you want to integrate WhatsApp chat functionality on your website But Why Do you want to Integrate WhatsApp? Whatsapp chat WordPress plugin

Let’s Understand that Why We need Whatsapp Chat functionality on our website.

Nowadays there is plenty of website launching every day and our un-known customer who searching for our services or our product but due lack of easy inquiry or chat functionality, they just leave our website in one click and can be searched for another website for their inquiry. but in the end, we had lost our online customer.

and If we lost our online customer due to our irresponsive website functionality then what will benefit we get from.

We need a website in which any customer can come and can easily able to see all the services or product and if they like our services they will try to contact you at the same time. Now what the things are happening here.

Human Is being Lazy

Yes because of easy services the human is going to be lazy and nobody has an idea that “We have to go to Contact Us Page.” and they are searching for an easy way to contact you at the same time so at this time if you have integrated any chat functionality on your website, they will directly chat with you and you can also connect with them to initial J curve.

Why WhatsApp is the best option for your website?

Actually, the true things are that everybody using WhatsApp like the daily routines. Almost single user open WhatsApp 200 times in a day but what about mail.

Mail… Yes Still using at the corporate level. But WhatsApp is in everybody’s hand.

So, Don’t worry If you still looking for WhatsApp chat functionality on your website then be tensionless, because Today I will show you the best Free WhatsApp chat WordPress plugin. Which will help you to increase your sell or services level.

Ok, first of all, Let me know you guys this solution is only for those people or companies who running their website on WordPress.

Ok, I guess that you are ready with your WordPress Admin Dashboard, and Now You just follow the steps given below to finally integrate Free Whatsapp chat WordPress plugin.

Step – 1: Go To Plugins >> Click on Add New

Here you have to search for “WhatsApp me“.

click to chat for whatsapp chat
Focus on Red Mark Plugin

If you can see plugin as per above screen, just click on “Install” WhatsApp me. Next

Step – 2: Go to Settings >> Click on WhatsApp me

Now What you need to know to integrate this Free Whatsapp chat WordPress plugin on your website is Your WhatsApp mobile number.

wordpress whatsapp notification

Follow All red line instruction for complete setup and Now Finally you have completely set up this Free WhatsApp chat WordPress plugin on your website.

Now anyone can come but never go back without your service or product inquiry.

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Thank You.

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