Google Classroom.

I know this topic is completely unique because today I will show you an awesome and Free Google product which name is Google ClassRoom.

While our childhood we have always listened and face the physical class room in which teachers are come to teach us a lesson and at the last give us some home work and If you are in university then there must be faculty who teach and give us some assignment as home work. so this is the common way running between teachers and students. but today I will show you the Digital Way of these combination. Yes.

I will show you one of the best and free Google product name as “Google Class Room“.

Let me explain what does this product is and who can use this product and how.

What does this product about?

Google Classroom is the digital classroom which can be handle by School, Colleges, Universities. so you may have questions that how is this possible. so let me explain you my dear friends that If you are running any school and colleges OR tuition classes then this product will helps you lot.

we have talked about what does this product is and who can use this product but I know still you want to know in deep about google classroom. don’t worry I will explain to you everything about Google Classroom step by step.

Let’s talk about How does google classroom are works?

First of all you need a valid gmail account on google by which you can sign in and use this product so first you have to sign in to your gmail account OR you can directly search for Google classroom in Google search bar. but today I will show you an easy way to open this product.

If you are a teacher and you have your Gmail account then you can open the google classroom and create a class for a specific subject, after creating a class google classroom will generate random and unique class code for you to invite the students. you can invite your students by sharing that code. Now, what would be the student process? The student to whom you invited to join the class they can visit the classroom by logged in their Gmail account and they can join your class by clicked on “join class’. Now if you have invited all the student then your classroom could be ready and Now you can share anything to specific OR among all the students.

What Teacher can do?

  • You can generate multiple class with unique subject
  • You can invite specific student to join your classroom.
  • You can ask any question to the student and get the answers.
  • You can assign the assignment to the students.
  • You can invite other teacher to join your class.
  • You can share any file to your classroom.
  • You can use your google drive to store and share any large file.
  • You can customize you classroom by selecting themes and photos.

What Student can do?

  • Student can see all the updated posted by teachers.
  • Student can view and Download assignments
  • Student can download any file shared by teachers.
  • Student can also ask question to teachers.

Now let understand Where and How to find this google classroom easily.

Open www.google.com and sign in to your gmail account, If you are already logged in then follow the steps as per below screen shot.

how to open google classroom

If you are logged in then you have click on the orange square and after scroll down select the red mark option which is Google Classroom. Now Google classroom will be open which will look like below.

Now if you want to work as a teacher then select Create class and one dialogue box will be open to let you know some information so you can read that and go forward to check the checkbox and click on Continue button. You will see one dialogue box which will ask you to enter Room details, you just have to enter your room details.

how to create google class room

After submitted the detail your class will be generated and look like below.

Here you can see that you have your classroom name and it’s code available you can click on zoom to copy it and you can share this code to your student to join your class. at bottom of the right side you can select any theme to customize your class. also you post any important update to the class which can be seen by student and you only. So I hope you understand, Now let’s go ahead and see other benefits of google classroom.

If you open any class then you must have three options available like Stream, Classwork and People and you can find assignment creation option in classwork.

how to create assignment in google classroom

You can use all available option in create button. as i said you can create assignment, quiz assignment, question, material, reset post. and you can manage all the student and invite teacher in people option.

Now let’s talk how student can join the class. If you share your class code to student then ask them to enter the code and join your class.

I hope you guys understood how does this google classroom is helps you to make your things easy between you and your student. if this article help you please share it and if you have any query please let me know in comment section.

Thank You.



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