[Steps] How to Add Google Fonts to WordPress for Custom Typography copy

[Steps] How to Add Google Fonts to WordPress for Custom Typography

Today I will show you one of the best wordpress plugin to show you how to add fonts to wordpress. Nowadays every new and existing blogger recommended to user wordpress for a... Read more »
whatsapp chat wordpress plugin

Free WhatsApp chat WordPress plugin for your website

Hello All, I know that you want to integrate WhatsApp chat functionality on your website But Why Do you want to Integrate WhatsApp? Whatsapp chat WordPress plugin Let’s Understand that Why We... Read more »

How to turn off auto play video on facebook

Since facebook has launched the auto-playing video facility in it, we are daily watching lot’s of videos when we are scrolling our facebook app. but we don’t have an idea about how... Read more »
Multi-Lingual Native Ad Platform for Gujarati

[Best] native advertising platforms for Blogger and Website

From 2019, People who are running their website in any Language and any other font they are facing earning issue raised by Google Adsense. This stage you need Best native advertising platforms... Read more »
How to solve loading issue while select payment method on checkout page in wordpress

How to solve loading issue while select payment method on checkout page in wordpress.

WordPress checkout issue If you are a WordPress user and working on checkout page then you must be getting this error once a time. Checkout page where the customer has an option... Read more »
how to update wordpress version automatically

How to update wordpress version 5.2 Automatically

If you are a WordPress lover then I am sure you love this topic. WordPress published it’s new version 5.2 but what about the automatic updates. If you don’t have an idea... Read more »
what is google earth

What is Google Earth and How to use it?

Basically, we all are use Google Map when we are going to an unknown location. by the way Google Map is one of the fastest and best way to reach your point.... Read more »

Best Google Chrome extension to capture full web page.

There are lot’s of extension available in google chrome extension store to capture a full web page but today I will show you one my favorite google chrome extension to capture full... Read more »
Steps to increase maximum upload file size in wordpress

Steps to increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress using Cpanel.

If you are here then I am sure that You need to know the correct and easy way to increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress using cpanel. There are many... Read more »
List of Wordpress Database Table and It's Important.

List of WordPress Database Table and It’s Important.

Hi, basically you all readers are very familiar with WordPress and it’s features. We all know that wordpress provides themes, plugins through which we can easily developed the basic and dynamic website.... Read more »
Top 5 free SEO friendly newspaper wordpress themeWall

[Best] Top 5 Free Newspaper wordpress theme for Blogger

Searching for a free SEO friendly newspaper WordPress theme, I hope you guys maybe want to run a news website or a news blog. news type of website is different than other... Read more »
How to solve Updating failed issue in wordpress 5.0

How to solve “Updating failed” issue in wordpress 5.0

Hi, currently while posting my new article I had an issue related “Updating failed” in my wodpress blog. I had researched about it but all have the same issue, then tried to... Read more »

Free online tool to convert your file into any format in just second.

Hi There, Actually there are lot’s of online and offline tools are available to convert files to any format. but as i said here I am sharing my real time experience with... Read more »
What is plugins in wordpress

What is a plugin in WordPress and How to install it on your website?

I probably know that this article will be read by all the person who are running their wordpress website. but still dependent on developers or other person to implement new facility to... Read more »
How to install wordpress website in cpanel

How to install and set up wordpress website in Cpanel?

First of all let me give you brief introduction about Cpanel, Cpanel is stands for Control Panel, This is providing the facility to manage our website. How right ? In common word... Read more »
My five steps to becoming a perfect PHP Developer-latestinone

My five steps to becoming a perfect PHP Developer.

PHP which is the most common and huge programming language in the world of web development. If someone tells you that PHP will have an end one day. then let me tell... Read more »
No.1 plugin will help you to optimize images to speed up your wp website-thumbnail.

[Best] Free WordPress image compression plugin

If you are here to read this then I am sure that you are running you wordpress website but worry about the website load time. and this is the common issue for... Read more »
How to get organic traffic on your wordpress websit-latestinone

How to get organic traffic through this plugin on your wordpress website?

People are always choose the best platform for their dream website, and basically nowadays maximum people and companies recommended wordpress platform for the website. we just can’t forget that wordpress consumed 70%... Read more »
How to get Running Balance based on credit and debit in a single column by SQL query

How to get Running Balance based on credit and debit in a single column by SQL query?

While our project development time, we all face accounting based queries issue and we all know that not all the developers are completely familiar with sql queries and advance queries. right! Basically... Read more »
Six steps for - How to become a wordpress developer ?

Six steps for – How to become a wordpress developer?

Hello Friends, Now a days it’s very complicate to choose single platform to make a career as a website developer, many beginners are facing interview in a market for having first job... Read more »
how to hide extension in php

How to hide extension in Php using .htaccess?

PHP developers basically working on website development and the tasks given by client, but some-time when we are working on security based project then, we should aware about security. Now a days... Read more »
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