Hi, Today, we will see how to change gmail password step by step.

We are using our gmail account to read and write mail. which is work on sending and getting functionality. many of us or i said 90% people of us are using gmail account for best mailing experience.

but from that 90% only few people knows that how to change our password. Password which is the soul of our gmail account. so change gmail password is as important as we hold our gold in secure place.

Why you should change gmail password?

Let me tell you simple story, What will you do if your home lock key is stolen by someone and you know that he/she can use your home key any time when you will be out from the home.

Other things is that nowadays everyone using smartphone with their gmail account to operates playstore and all the apps. so if you are doing than you must know that your all information like contact details, photos, apps permission, other password like, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. So you can just think that if someone stolen your gmail password then what could be happened with you.

But don’t worry I will share with you best steps to change your password in few steps. so lets see how to change gmail password.

How to reset or change gmail password?


First get logged into your Gmail Account.


Now At the top right hand side, Click on your Google Account icon.

how to change gmail password

and, Click on “Manage your Google Account”. Now you will be redirect on another page.

After redirection you will be at “Manage Your Account Page“.

Now Just click on “Security” show in below image.

how to reset google password


Now, Another page will be open, where you can see, option like “Signing in to Google“.

how to reset gmail password

When you click on Password, You will be redirected to Google SignIn Page, Now don’t get confused.

Google is going to verify that if you have remembered previous password than google can verify that you are a verified person who can change password. and if you will successfully signin, You will be redirected to Our last screen which is “Password Change“.


how to change gmail or google password

Now you have to enter your “New Password” and “Confirm New Password”. Once you confirmed the password, Just click on Change Password.

and, Congratulation! Your password have changed.

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